cable jack solutions

Our cable jack installation in your home or office includes concealing the wire in an attic or crawl space, this way you can have the TV installed exactly where you want!

Cable Jack Additional Info:

We have an experienced team of technicians that can proudly serve all of your audio/visual needs. Our service doesn’t end with a simple TV mount installation. We can answer all of your technical questions, such as low voltage needs, adding cables, phones or network jacks, etc.

Picked out the perfect spot for your new TV but your cable jack isn’t there? No Problem, we will take care of you! Does your TiVo need a phone jack for pay-per-view? We’ve got you covered! Rather than having the cable or phone companies come out and be inconvenienced by two providers, let us handle everything at once.

Be sure to ask us about our in-house wiring packages when you call about your LCD or Plasma installation.

When full cable concealment is not an option, our installers will make every effort to conceal the wires by using proper wire management. If additional labor is required, an additional fee will apply.