The Premium TV Wall Mount Installation is the ideal LCD, or LED installation package for clients that desire a clean design with in-wall wire concealment.

Typical installations include:

  • We dispatch one certified technician directly to your location.
  • Onsite inspection is performed to analyze desired TV viewing experience.
  • We securely mount your flat screen Plasma or LCD on the wall of your choice.
  • In-wall wire concealment requires an electrical outlet or power bridge to be installed.
  • Connect all video components for proper management; cable box, DVD, gaming unit, etc.
  • For wire concealment we install your component wires inside the wall up to 8′ to give you the “wire free-look”. *
  • Organize and dress your cables behind your devices and TV.
  • Program as many as two non-learning remote controls.
  • This installation package provides you with the clean, wire-free look your TV installation deserves.
  • We provide all clients with up to 30 minutes of training on your new system.
  • concealing the electric is not included.


* Wire concealment is not always possible and will be assessed upon technician’s arrival, concealment of cables for TV installation packages assumes fishing cables down a single stud bay less than 8 feet. No cutting of studs or retrofitting of walls included. Standard patch will be used for any holes made, but does not include painting and texturing. Electrical cables can not be concealed in the wall and a power bridge kit will need to be purchased or an electrical outlet installed by an electrician.