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The Deluxe TV Installation is perfect for those who are renting or have a wall we simply can’t fish wires though, like brick or stone.  One of our trained, certified installers will arrive and install your TV on the wall of your choice.  We’ll then use neat wire management to organize your cables and connect your devices, you’re wires will be exposed, however we will do our best to make them as neat as possible.  We’ll program your cable remote to operate your TV if it’s compatible.  We’ll also provide a brief tutorial on how to use your new TV.


What this package DOES include:

  • One technician will install your TV on the wall of your choice.
  • Our technician will dress and tie your cables from your TV to your devices.
  • Connection of your devices; DVD, Cable box, game station, Roku, Apple TV, etc.
  • Programming of one device remote provided it’s compatible (basic code entry, not a PC programmable remote).
  • Removal and breakdown of trash to street or trash cans.
  • Brief tutorial on your new TV.
  • One year installation warrantee.


What this package does NOT include:

  • Any equipment or cables.
  • Concealing cables in the wall.
  • Wire molding (this is a plastic casement that can be used to hide the wires, can be added for $40).
  • Device or TV Programming (can be added for $40).
  • Tilting Wall Mount (can be provided, starting at $89).
  • Component or HDMI Cables (can be provided, cable packs start at $30)
  • Two Techs (a second tech can be added for $75).
  • Assembly of your furniture or removal of your old TV, however we can provide this service, just call 866-550-4388 for a quote.
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This installation includes:

We’ll dispatch one certified technician directly to your location.

Onsite inspection is performed to analyze desired TV viewing experience.

We securely mount your flat screen Plasma or LCD on the wall of your choice.

All mounting brackets and TV installations will be fastened onto the wall (not included).

Connect all video components for proper management; cable box, DVD, gaming unit, etc.

We use neat wire management techniques to secure all cables.

Program your cable remote to operate your devices (when compatible).

We provide all clients with up to 30 minutes of training on your new system.



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